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2015 "BE AMPED: Give Yourself the Gift of Health for the Holidays" Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

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Because breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for women AND 41,150 died from breast cancer in 2012...*†

Two-time Grammy Award Winning Artist, Eshe **Formerly of Arrested Development

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...and 224,147 women AND 2,125 men, in the United States, were diagnosed with breast cancer...*†

Anashay Gould, Model |Media Personality|Red Carpet Host

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...and 405 men in the United States died from breast cancer in 2012.*†

Bobby V, Multi-Award Winning Artist

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Because performing self-exams can help with the early detection of breast cancer...

Stacey J, The Social Enthusiast - Entrepreneur

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...and mammograms can find breast cancer up to 3 years before it can be felt... (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention)

Shania Jones, Singer

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…Several of my celebrity friends and other concerned individuals lent our voices to this important campaign. Have you watched the PSA (public service announcement) yet?

Rodney Perry, Comedian |Actor |Media Personality **Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, Co-host of The Mo'Nique Show

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...If detected early, most women survive breast cancer and go on to lead productive lives...(Fulton County, GA Department of Health and Wellness)

Jasmine Crowe, Chief Change Maker

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We hope to raise awareness AND connect underinsured/uninsured individuals to screening services. DO YOU KNOW THAT ELIGIBLE INDIVIDUALS CAN ACCESS FREE & LOW-COST mammograms?

Yvette Caslin, Magazine Editor | Public Speaker | Host

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To find out more about breast cancer, the risk factors, statistics, AND LOCATIONS FOR FREE OR LOW-COST mammograms, please click on the links below.

Cherise B. Thomas, CEO

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BE AMPED! Please give yourself the gift of knowledge and health for the holidays. :)

Cyrus Webb, Author | Media Personality | Magazine Editor

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Thanks to the media partners, non-profit agencies, and companies that came together for this campaign - AMPED 4-a-Cure, Fulton County Women's Health Program, Rolling Out magazine, iWi Fresh Day Spa, SaVor V, Sheen magazine, White Diamond Image Consulting, Black Celebrity Giving, 106 Live Radio, Images by Kennedy, Conversations Media Group, Natural Hair mag, Circle Entertainment, AllNite Radio, The Indie Review, and Interrupted.

PC - Executive Assistant, ConnectingYOUto PR Firm


Please check out the public service announcement and information on testing sites below!!

  • To find out more about breast cancer, the risk factors, and statistics, please click here to visit the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention's website.
  • To understand the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, click here.
  • To learn more about breast cancer prevention and early detection, click here.
  • Contact your doctor or healthcare provider and schedule a clinical breast examination today.  
  • IF underinsured/uninsured, free and low-cost screenings are available.  Call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345 OR the National Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program at 1-800-CDC INFO (1-800-232-4636) OR click here to find a location in your state, tribe, or territory.
  • If you live in Fulton County, GA, contact the Department of Health and Wellness at (404) 612-1211 or (404) 612-1649 and ask for the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Program coordinator.  Click here for their locations.


Following the success of our 2013 breast cancer awareness campaign, we directed and produced the "BE AMPED for Breast Cancer:  Give Yourself the Gift of Health for the Holidays".  Originally set for release in the fall of 2014, the campaign grew to be much bigger than expected with more media partners and community collaborators.  As a result, in 2015, we hope to encourage many to give themselves the gift of knowledge and their health as a priority.