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About ConnectingYOUto...

Founded by Lisa George, the firm’s staff has almost 20 years of experience in forging strategic relationships AND developing creative events, campaigns, and PR programs for AND with Fortune 500, high-profile individuals, non-profits, and government clients and are experts in effectively communicating clients' messages to their consuming audience. Having traveled the world since a child and witnessing the effects of poverty, political strife, domestic violence, and compounding effects of socioeconomic disparities on people, Lisa’s desire to “give back” was born. Staying true to her life’s calling, she discovered ways to combine music, art, philanthropy, and the hearts of corporations to make great things GREATER - ConnectingYOUto is her playground.

About our CEO & Founder

Popularly known as Lisa Gee to entertainment industry insiders and clients, Lisa Yolanda George is, above all else, an overcomer. The oldest child in a traditional West Indian-American family, Lisa took on considerable responsibility during her teen years, serving as a surrogate parent to her four younger siblings when her mother and father worked long hours to support the growing bunch. This early life experience provided the family-centered foundation and rugged determination that has come to define her as a person and professional.

Article on Jazz R&B Funk musician, Brian Culbertson in Heed magazine - Summer 2012

Article on the legendary Dionne Warwick in iRock Jazz magazine - November 2012

Article on the legendary percussionist Pete Escovedo in iRock Jazz magazine - November 2012

Artist Bobby V playfully wiping our CEO's face during his Empire Radio magazine photo shoot - September 2014

Award recipients at the The Fourth Annual Long Term Survivor Awards on December 1, 2008

CYT-organized "DMV Rocks for Haiti" fundraising event - January 2010

Lisa Gee at dinner with R&B artist Bobby V after a CYT-organized magazine photo shoot - September 2014

Lisa Gee in Escapades magazine - January 2013

Lisa Gee in Rolling Out magazine -2009

Lisa Gee in Urban Tymes magazine - February 2013

One of our former clients in Urban Tymes magazine - December 2012

Opening performer, Poet Ra with Illinois Department of Public Health presenters, and ConnectingYOUto CEO Lisa Gee - Phenomenal Me event

Our CEO, Lisa Gee with some of the artists, media, and industry folks at the "DMV Rocks for Haiti" event - January 2010

Our Founder and CEO, Lisa Gee with First Lady Michelle Obama in 2005

Walgreens Pharmacy representative Heather claiming a raffle prize!

As a female entertainment business entrepreneur, she has done things her way, demonstrating intentionality and integrity every step of the way. Forgoing her initial plan to become a physician, Lisa set her sights on direct service to her community, which she has accomplished through continual volunteerism and social impact efforts spanning critical need areas and geographies. Since 2000, Lisa has been implementing impactful consumer and community engagement campaigns. The key to her success has been to build lasting “bridging and bonding connections” between people who “really give a damn.”

After making Chicago, IL her home, Lisa developed an even deeper passion for serving underserved communities and vulnerable populations, tackling such issues as chronic poverty, hunger, healthcare insecurity, adequate housing, children and youth, and HIV/AIDS, both locally and across the globe. It was during her highly successful stint as a Program Manager, in Chicago, that Lisa began to take steps to reconcile her long-held passion for social justice with her newfound professional interests. From this thought process, connectingYOUto — a fully integrated public relations firm offering unique promotions, event planning, and PR management services for Fortune 500 corporations, high-profile individuals, non-profit, and government clients — was made manifest in 2004.

In her new role as CEO/Founder of ConnectingYOUto, Lisa could act both as advocate and public relations executive, increasing awareness about people, places, and initiatives that aligned with her progressive perspective. Dissatisfied with simply making a dollar, Lisa Gee looks at every project and each client as an opportunity to make a positive difference in her community and beyond. Certainly, all those she has worked with and touched over the years can attest to the difference that her positivist perspective makes.

In recent years, Lisa Gee has branched out even further, adding breast cancer, mental health, and human trafficking awareness to her ambit. Ironically, Lisa credits a health scare in 2013 with her renewed “pep in her step,” proving once again that she is an enduring figure in the national communications and entertainment who is here to stay!

The definition of a 21st century businesswoman and social impact professional, Lisa still finds time to contribute regularly to Heed Magazine, Natural Hair magazine, and several others, interviewing the likes of the legendary Dionne Warwick; Five-time Grammy award winning, Ziggy Marley; the legendary Kenny G, Actor & New York Best selling author, Hill Harper; Jazz/R&B Pianist Brian Culbertson; legendary percussionist Pete Escovedo; Mosic Mogul, Mathew Knowles, Grammy-nominated & multi-platinum super-producer Drumma Boy; history-making American Ballet Theatre (ABT) - the award-winning dancer, Misty Copeland; Goapele; International Afro-Soul Artist, Lira; and many others. In the little spare time that she has, she enjoys playing the Djembe African drums, singing soprano in her church choir, holistic living, experiencing the natural world, traveling, photography, spending time with friends and family, and parenting her very inquisitive thirteen-year old son.